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Learning to drive in Kilwinning with Johnny Auld Driver Training                                         

Are you looking for a driving instructor in Kilwinning, then lucky for you, you’ve come to the right place.

Taking your driving lessons in Kilwinning can be challenging. The town has Kilwinning Academy and Ayrshire College situated in close proximity and this area can be very busy with pedestrian traffic.

The area has adequate pedestrian crossings for students to use, however at break times it can be extremely busy due to the number of take away shops nearby and students don’t always wait till the green man shows at the crossing. Due to this the learner driver need to be extra vigilant as to what is happening ahead and plan effectively for what you see.

You will actually take your driving test in Irvine and Kilwinning is one of the areas you may go to on your driving test. I think its fair to say that having driving lessons in Kilwinning prepares you well for when you pass your driving test and go out in your car by yourself.

Your first driving lesson

Once you have contacted me and arranged a time for your first lesson I will pick you up from an agreed location of your choice, in or around Kilwinning. We will have a brief discussion to gauge your level of driving experience, if you are a complete beginner we will start by giving you a demonstration of the controls and instruments and how they all work.

Once this is completed we will go for a drive in a suitable area where you will learn how to move off and stop safely.

I understand that you may be nervous about taking control of the car for the first time but there is no need to be. You will learn at your pace in bite size pieces and we will only move on through your learning syllabus when you feel ready.

Getting ready for your Theory Test

I will tend to focus on teaching you to drive, and will let you practice for your theory test in your own time. If however you would like to dedicate part of your lesson to the theory test preparation then please let me know.

There are a number of apps available to enable you to study for the theory test. Using the apps on your phone or tablet gives you the opportunity to study whilst you commute to and from school, college, uni or work.

If you dedicate a sufficent amount of time to studying the theory questions, viewing the hazard perception clips whilst applying the practical knowledge that you gain on your Irvine lessons, all of  this will assist you in passing your theory and hazard perception test when the time comes.

Getting ready for your Practical Test

During your learning to drive process we will go through a structured lesson plan, which will cover your progress to date and areas that need to be improved upon. At the end of each driving lesson you have in Irvine,  we will have a de-brief and your progress will be logged on my ipad app where a complete record of your learning is stored.

I will let you know when I think you are ready to sit your practical test. Once we have reached this point you will then be able to go online and book your test at a pre-determined date and time that we have agreed upon. When you have confirmation of the test booking I would ask that you send me a screenshot of the booking to enable me to enter the details in to your learner driver file.

Learning to drive in Kilwinning

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Driving lessons are great gifts for new drivers.

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Accepted Payment Methods

Payment for driving lessons is by bank transfer.

Extended Test Preparation

Discretion is assured if you would like picked up away from your home address.


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