A selection of students who have passed their driving test



I’d highly recommend Johhny to anyone learning to drive, especially if you’re an anxious driver. I really struggled with nerves and anxiety and gave up lessons for a few years. When I decided to try again I contacted Johnny and was so glad I did because he was amazing at calming me down and helping me to believe in myself. Learning to drive can be so intimidating but he is very chilled out, friendly and a great teacher. He’s always got a dad joke ready to make you laugh when you’re stressed out lol. I really enjoyed my lessons and even managed to pass first time. Thanks again Johnny.

Colette Murphy

Would highly recommend Johhny as an instructor. Easy going, patient and always there to motivate you if you start to wobble. Not to mention very professional and communicative, making the process as smooth as can be. Thanks to Johnny’s instruction i gained the confidence to pass my test today.         

Leigh Taylor

“I couldn’t recommend Johnny enough to anyone looking to learn how to drive. The quality of teaching is superb as he is very patient and is great at explaining things to you. There’s a relaxed atmosphere in the car and there’s good chat too. Being a learner driver naturally can have its stressful moments, and he really helped to put my mind at ease during those times.”

Candice Harvey

“I loved learning with Johnny Auld. He was a terrific instructor who is calm and patient and never leaves you stressed or even doubting your abilities. He is reassuring and informative and never leaves you with any questions. He talks away to you so your never feeling awkward or uncomfortable and for me just overall I had a wonderful experience learning with Johnny. I couldn’t have asked for a better learning experience.”

Kerri Buckley

“Outstanding instruction, made me feel relaxed and confident. Honest and friendly. Can’t recommend him highly enough. Even after I failed a test he was supportive and never put pressure on.”

Robert Gillon

“Calm, professional and patient. Always on time, instruction of a very high pratical standard. Johnny is well organised, keeps meticulous records, and you’ll have a plan every lesson. Great chat in the car. Couldn’t recommend highly enough.”

Derek McGuigan

“Great driving instructor couldn’t recommend highly enough. From day one provided a calm and enjoyable learning environment. Never pushed you outwith your comfort zone, always goes with your driving abilities. Instructor was always happy and chatty to make students as comfortable and calm as possible even with the most nervous students. If you are thinking of taking up driving lessons or know someone that is, I would highly recommend going with Johnny Auld.”

Isla Gilchrist

“Can’t recommend Johnny enough, the most amazing driving instructor! Always had so much patience and explained everything so well, looked forward to my lessons and would definitely use Johnny again in the future if I had to!”

Emma-Louise Harper

“I would highly recommend Johnny as a driving instructor. He created a very comfortable environment to learn and made it very easy to ask any questions along the way.”

Morgan Bilham


“I would highly recommend Johnny for your driving lessons. He has the patience of a saint and made me feel comfortable and at ease throughout my lessons. He not only teaches you the skills you need but he also helps build your confidence. I had been with other instructors beforehand and i can honestly say that Johnny is one of the best out there.”

Chelsea McKenzie

“I would highly recommend Johnny, easy to get on with, provides a positive attitude and a relaxed atmosphere at all times. Thanks to Johnny’s patience and great training I passed my driving test first time with zero faults.”

Jemma-Leigh Meek

“Would highly recommend this man!! Such a great driving instructor! From my very first lesson Johnny was patient and kind and always made the atmosphere a fun and plesant one to be in. If I had to learn again I would definitely go with Johnny Auld.”

Malcolm Gray


You can get in touch by e-mail at info@johnnyauld.co.uk call or text 07796 090 181 or through my social media channels.